About amirluqman

amirluqman is a Malaysian fashion label, which is owned by Malaysian company Jazalo Equalliance S/B. amirluqman was founded by Malaysian International Fashion Designer Amir Luqman Othman in Kuala Lumpur in 2004. amirluqman designs, manufactures and distributes women’s made-to-measure, ready-to-wear and accessories.

When we talk about today’s individuals, the idea of having the comfort of saying what you want or believe in your own principles is the MOTIVATIONAL KEY in making your mark in our short lifetime. It may sound over the top to some, but APPROACH is everything. And nothing beats an approach that enables you to lure the precious attention of your potential masses while preserving your classy qualities as you walk down your runaway of destiny. These are the essence that shapes the beautiful core of amirluqman.

amirluqman, founded in Year 2004 by the award-winning and one of the most celebrated Malaysian International Designer Amir Luqman, is a complete fashion house brand label positioned solely towards Luxuriousness and Pure Class. Products are ranged from designer's pieces, attires, dresses, shoes, bags, bridal essentials right down to exceptional and exotic fabrics. Classiness can be treated as a definition of being WHO YOU ARE with minimal influential effect. By being authentic, you will obtain your own Luxury and Exclusive qualities in your own right. Apart from standing out, amirluqman never compromises Freshness in ideation and new innovation in every design, making it a brand that is trustworthy in producing one-of-a-kind classics that sparks the emotional feel of belonging to anybody who owns it, ranging from full feminity to conceptual and edgy.

amirluqman foresees these artistic advantages thus became one of its major inspirations in all of its couture pieces. The high level of formality can be felt instantly with the usage of exquisite draperies, breathtaking detailing, intricate embellishment and the power to grasp your attention with just a glance. Even with all these aesthetics projected through, amirluqman understands the importance of uniqueness, difference, subtleness and practicality.

amirluqman promises a whole new level of Posh and Glamour by making sure every piece not only serves as an attire, it will be the artistic ‘tool’ of self-expression that creates an effortless splendor and timeless level of grandeur to any individual strutting their way. Cleanliness of workmanship plays a vital role in making sure each piece moves and flows dramatically to suit any body type or even the elements of nature. Each design is made to order, which means whatever designs you obtained from amirluqman will be THE ONLY one in the world custom fit to your needs. And because each individual piece specifically designed according to your natural demands, amirluqman assures that YOU ARE THE ONE who breathes life into the piece thus enhancing your whole regal look glistening with originality.

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